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Bellnix Co., Ltd introduces its new low power loss ORing diode module that
eliminates the need for a schottky diode.

1. Background
An ORing device is a diode that protects the system against an input power source fault condition when two or
more power sources are driving a load. However, the primary downside is the increased power dissipation loss
in the diodes as power requirements for systems increase in high current applications.
To help mitigate the increased power dissipation loss Bellnix has developed a unique ORing diode module with
very little forward voltage drop. The new BID Series shows a 12x reduction in power loss versus diodes. In
addition to a power loss improvement, the new BID Series reduces a thermal management overhead for your
current systems, resulting in reduced power consumption.
2. Summary of Features
- Low power loss ORing module replacing schottky diode
- Fast recovery time: 100ns
- 2 circuits in 1 package
- Surface mount device (SMD) package
- No heat sink required
- Operating temperature: -40~ +85℃

About Bellnix Co., Ltd.
Bellnix Co., Ltd is a leading Japanese power supply manufacturer. Bellnix produces world-class products based
on leading-edge technology and its products are used extensively by OEMs in the areas such as Enterprise,
Communications, Telecom, Medical, Aircraft, Industrial and Test & Measurement. Therefore, Bellnix has a very
strong partnership with two of the world’s largest PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) manufacturers, Xilinx
and Altera.




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