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TFT displays and industrial monitors. Open frame, rack and panel mounting monitors. Customized solutions. Sunlight readable monitors. Panoramic & BAR displays and monitors. Control boards, DC/DC power supplies and accesories.<br />

Alpha Display co.;Ltd which was established in June 2004, munufacture Sunlight Readable LCD and industrial monitors for ATM, Kiosks, POS, Military, Railways, Gaming and Public Information Displays applications.<br /> Alpha Display co.;Ltd offers innovative custom display solutions and a high level of service, customer support backup and experienced Engineer Team.




Industrial PC boards. ATX, micro ATX, PC/104. Embedded systems for Industrial applications.

iBase is a Taiwanese embedded systems manufacturer, specialiced in the design and production of embedded boards and systems for the industrial wordl




7, 14 and 16 segments LED displays. LED matrix. LED bars. High luminosity LEDs. Power LEDs. Signaling LEDs

LightKey Company Limited. is a manufacturer specialized in LED Display products. The main products are led displays: 7 segment led display, 14 and 16 segment led display, led dot matrix, led bargraph, &led lightbar and so on: lamp type leds: white led, signboard oval led, standard led, high-brightness led, traffic led, IR led, photodiode silicon, high power led, super flux led, & SMD led. The company is managed according to ISO9001:2000. <br /> LightKey was established in 1996, with approximately 400 employees and 50 R&D people.




Monochrome LCD displays. Character and graphic LCD modules. Custom LCD's. TFT modules with or withour controler. Character and graphic OLED displays. AM E-paper displays.

Raystar Optronics. Inc., located at Central Taiwan Science Park. Its production line includes small to medium size LCD, TFT, and OLED modules for a variety of industrial and consumable applications. One of the leading display providers of monochrome character LCD modules, graphic LCD modules, alphanumeric LCD panel, AM E-paper, TFT modules and OLED displays.




Monochrome TN, STN and FSTN LCD's. CSTN LTCD's from 1,3" to 5,7". TFT industrial displays from 1,7" to 10,4". OLED from 0,67" to 2,7". Touch panels. Custom and semicustom solutions.<br />

Truly Semiconductors Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Truly International Holdings Ltd., was established in 1991 and has headquarters in Hong Kong and has all its manufacturing facilities in Shanwei, Guangdong Province in China. <br /> Its product range consists of TFT, color super-twisted nematic (CSTN), twisted nematic (TN), super-twisted nematic (STN), film super-twisted nematic (FSTN), VA passive display, organic light-emitting diode (OLED), and modules. Truly markets its products for use in small- and medium-sized device with displays and related accessories.<br /> <br />




Character LCM, Graphic LCM, Digital LCM, COG Modules, LED Backlight, Custom & Semicustom LCD and LCM<br />

Xiamen Ocular Optics Co., Ltd. found in 1997 is a leading LCD module manufacturer in China. We manufacture all kinds of LCD module products, such as character module, graphic module, segment module, and custom solution. All are of FSTN, STN, HTN and TN type with COB, COG and TAB solution.



Power Management

MCM-IC's for dc/dc Converters, Isolated and Non Isolated dc/dc Converters, High Voltage dc/dc Converters, Very Low Noise Converters and Power Supplies, Medical PSU's

Bellnix is a Japanese power supply manufacturer that designs high performance DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, high voltage and custom power supplies. Bellnix has developed the world faster load response POL converter, which has been recommended by the world top two FPGA manufacturers as the most cutting-edge converter to drive their FPGAs




Lab. Bench Power supplies, DIN-Rail Power Supplies

EA-Elektro-Automatik & Co. KG is a manufacturer of Bench Power Supplies, DIN-Rail power supplies and other power products.




Power Sypplies for IPC, Power Supplies and Inverters for LCD, External PSU<br />

FSP Group is a leading manufacturer of power supplies for ICP, LCD TV and inverters for LCD. Also is a maker of external PSU




External AC/DC adapters, open frame and encased industrial power supplies. DC/DC converters from 1W to 110W. Miniature LED drivers from 4W to 8W.

HN Electronic was founded in 1989 as a company aimed in selling high qualilty power supplies for resonable prices. Long experience on power supply market and well known manufacturers in Europe and all over the world helped to get this philosophy running from the very first minute with upgrowing success all over the years.<br /> <br />




Electrolytic Capcitors for Power Applications

Itelcond was founded in November 1976 and since then the company policy has been devoted to the production of capacitors for the professional, industrial, and telecommunication domain without any significant interference with the civil or enternainment market. <br /> During last years this type of capacitors (once called 'computer grade units') widened its usage in many fields as power supply, UPS, welding and magnetizing machines, equipments for railway applications.




Power supplies. Lead Acid, NiMH and Lithium battery chargers. Industrial DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters.

Founded in 1938, Mascot was one of the radio manufacturing pioneers in Norway. From day one our focus has been on meeting our customers demands, relentlessly finding ways to improve the quality of our products and develop innovative solutions for our customers.<br /> <br />




AC/DC Power Supplies, Medical Power supplies, DC/DC Converters, DC/AC Inverters, Batery chargers, AC/DC adapters, LED Power Supplies<br />

Mean Well is a world leader in the production of Standard Power Supplies with the best Quality-Price ratio <br />




Low Power Encpsulated dc/dc Converters, Low Power Encapsulated Power Supplies. Power supplies for lighting applications. Din rail power supplies

P E A K electronics GmbH offers a wide range of DC/DC-converters. More than 14.000 standard types are available. In addition to our standard types we can also offer custom designed DC / DC -Converters to our customers. <br /> <br /> DC/DC Step Down Converters for lighting applications. Wide Input Voltage Range. High Efficiency. Cases DIP24 and DIP14. Remote Control Funktion: PWM / Analogue Voltage Control. Dimming Function: I out from 300mA up to 700mA. Also as a "DIN Rail Version<br /> <br /> New to our program is a range of ultra compact 3 ~ 25Watt pcb mounting AC/DC power supplies. Known as the PPM (PEAK power modules) they have universal input of 85 ~ 264Vac & outputs from 3.3 to 24Vdc




External AC/DC adaptors, Industrial power supplies, LED AC/DC drivers, single port and multiport Midspans and POEs

Since 1972, Phihong has been at the forefront of technological innovation in power electronics manufacture and design. Phihong offers a complete range of AC/DC power adaptors, power supplies, AC/DC LED drivers and MIdspans and POE,s that exceed worldwide standards in efficiency and safety.




Bulk Power Supply Systems, Rectifier Systems, dc/dc Converters of up to 2000W, Configurable Power Supplies, Medical Power Supplies

Powerstax specialises in the design and manufacturing of high power density, high efficiency ac/dc and dc/dc power supplies.




DIN-Rail power supplies, Linear Power Supplies, Power Conditioners, Distribution Transformers, Surge Protections and UPS<br />

This Emerson Group company is specialized in Industrial Power during 70 years, they offer expertise and the right product to intercept and correct industrial power quality problems such as blackouts and voltage surges.




Open Board dc/dc Converters of up to 728W, Medical Grade ac/dc Power Supplies

Technology Leader in High Efficiency dc/dc converters, which enable the customers to realiza vast savings in space, weight, and overall Power System costs.




Open frame power supplies. External AC/DC adaptors. DC/DC converters. Power supplies for Industrial PCs. Transformers

Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (UMEC) was founded in 1984 Taichung, Taiwan. <br /> Over 25 years in the industry, we are proud to be well known as a superior choice of supplier for customers all over the world









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